The Price of Lemons: or; Some of the Worst Movies Ever Made

The Price of Lemons: or; Some of the Worst Movies Ever Made


A previously unpublished work by the poet Robert Crosson. A highly condensed mock epic in the form of a memoir, The Price of Lemons chronicles the young writers life in the fifties as an undergraduate at UCLA, the start of his career as an actor and time spent abroad in Spain on the island of Mallorca. Search as he might for a better life and an alternative to McCarthyism’s vision of Amerika, our young protagonist is constantly forced back to his own devices and to the written page that will come to define his life. A bizarre and hilarious coming of age tale in the highly original manner of Robert Crosson’s compostions.

Two collages by Los Angeles artist Courtney Gregg bookend the opening and closing of this tale.

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Born in Canonsburg, PA in 1929, Robert Crosson spent most of his life in Los Angeles, where he worked as a housepainter, carpenter and professional actor. The author of seven collections of poetry, including The Day Sam Goldwyn Stepped Off the Train (2004) and Daybook (2011), Crosson died in Los Angeles in 2001.