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MAGRA BOOKS is a series of chapbooks, printed in editions of 300 copies, featuring unique works by important writers.

Each volume typically 32 pages in length, Magra Books presents writers who are up to the all-encompassing challenge of producing books that strive to make “news that stays news.” Writers who are passionate about language, language that knows no borders.

Taking its name from the Magra River in the Lunigiana region of Tuscany, a watershed rising high in the Appenine and flowing southwest into the fabled Gulf of Poets between Lerici and La Spezia, Magra Books will print four books annually of poetry, prose, and works in translation.

Magra Books are priced at $10 each or $35 for the annual set of four. Magra Books may be purchase singly or in sets of four from www.magrabooks.com in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Editor & publisher: Paul Vangelisti; managing editor, Michele Lombardelli; editor-at-large, S.E. Pessin. Magra Books is located somewhere between Echo Park (Los Angeles) and Bagnone (Provincia di Massa-Carrara, Italy).

Contact us at: magrabooks@gmail.com